Visa Categories

U.S. Visa Categories

The U.S. visa attorneys at Hodkinson Law Group are available to assist business owners and individuals in the selecting the right non-immigrant visa category or immigrant visa category, depending on individual goals and circumstances.

Non-Immigrant Visa Categories

The most common nonimmigrant visas are organized by group below. Click here to learn more about these U.S. nonimmigrant visa categories, or click on a category heading below for more details.

Professional/Employment-Related Visas

  • Visitor for Business (B-1)
  • Professionals: (H-1B)
  • Treaty Aliens in Specialty Occupations (E-3)
  • Temporary Workers and Trainees (H Visas)
  • Nurses in Shortage Areas (H-1C)
  • Temporary Workers (H-2)
  • Trainees (H-3)
  • Intracompany Transferee (L)
  • Treaty Traders/Treaty Investors (E-1/E-2)
  • Information Media (I)

Family/Dependent Family Visas

  • Visitor for Pleasure (B-2)
  • Spouses and Children (H-4)
  • Fiancé/Fiancée (K-1); and certain spouses of U.S. citizens (K-3)
  • Spouses and Minor Children of Lawful Permanent Residents Awaiting Immigrant Visas (V)

Specialty Visas

  • Extraordinary Ability/Extraordinary Achievement (O)
  • Athletes, Artists and Entertainers (P)
  • Religious Workers (R)

Student/Intern Visas

  • Exchange Visitor (J-1)
  • Students (F-1/M-1)

Other Visa Types

  • Visa Waiver Program (WB, WT)
  • Transit without Visa/Crew members (C-1/D)

There are many other non-immigrant visa categories also.

Immigrant Visa Processing at the U.S. Embassy in London

Common topics related to immigrant visa processing are outlined below, and the U.S. immigration lawyers at Hodkinson Law Group can provide more detailed information.

  • Applications for permanent immigrant visas
  • Who may apply for an immigrant (permanent) visa
  • How to apply for an immigrant visa in London
  • Immigrant visa medical examinations
  • UK police certificate for immigrant visas
  • The immigrant visa interview
  • Who may file an immigrant visa petition in London

Click here to read more about each of these important immigrant visa processing topics.

Visa Inadmissibility

Immigrant Visa Categories at the U.S. Embassy in London

Immigrant (permanent) visas are available to qualified individuals wishing to live permanently or indefinitely in the U.S. Visa quotas may apply, as noted below.

Applicants who are not subject to the annual numerical limitation:

  • Immediate relatives
  • Special immigrants

Applicants who are subject to the annual numerical limitation:

  • Family-based preferences
  • Employment-based preferences
  • Diversity immigrants – U.S. Visa Lottery Programme

Click here to read more details about U.S. immigrant visa categories.

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