Renewal of US Passports

U.S. Passport Issuance or Renewal

Passport Services By Mail

If a passport was issued after the applicant turned 16 years old, within the last 15 years and was issued in the applicant’s current name, the passport can be renewed by courier/mail.

The applicant will need to complete a passport application (Form DS-82) and submit it, along with all supporting documentation, either by contacting the Embassy’s appointed courier service, DX Secure, or via Royal Mail.  It is not possible to apply for this service in person.  A self-addressed return envelope that shows postage paid up to 500 grams should also be included for return of the new passport.

Passport Services In Person

An applicant must appear at the Embassy through a pre-arranged appointment to apply for a U.S. passport if it is the first U.S. passport application, the applicant is under age 16, the previous passport was issued when the applicant was under age 16, the previous U.S. passport was issued more than 15 years ago or the applicant’s name has changed by means other than a U.S. Court Order or marriage, since the last U.S. passport was issued.

Additionally, special rules apply for applicants who are aged 16 to 17. All applicants who appear for an in-person interview must submit Form DS-11 (Application for a U.S. Passport) along with evidence of U.S. citizenship, proof of identity, application fees, and appropriate photographs.

On scheduling the Embassy interview, the applicant will receive a Confirmation Sheet, which must be brought to the Embassy for admission on the pre-arranged day.

Emergency Passports

If an applicant is travelling within 36 hours, they can schedule an emergency appointment to apply in-person for an emergency limited validity passport.  An email must be sent to the Passport Section at the American Embassy and a response will be received within two hours.  There is no walk-in service for emergency passports.  This service, like all other American Citizen Services, is only by appointment.

In an emergency, it is possible to obtain same-day issuance of the passport if the application is complete and straightforward.  In certain circumstances, the application may be forwarded to the Department of State, in which case same-day services will not be available.

If an emergency passport is issued, it will have a one year validity period.  It is not possible to obtain two consecutive emergency passports.  If the applicant is issued with an emergency passport, the next application must be for a full-validity passport.

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