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U.S. Immigration Law Firm in London

Hodkinson Law Group is the leading American law firm based in London, exclusively practicing U.S. immigration and nationality law. With many years of experience operating in the UK, we provide expert knowledge regarding all aspects of consular visa processing at the U.S. Embassy, located a short walk from our office in the heart of London at Grosvenor Square.

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Serving Corporate and Individual Immigration Clients

Our U.S. immigration attorneys represent an extensive and diverse range of corporate clients across all industry sectors, including multinational corporations, small companies, and partnerships. We also work closely with a network of other global immigration and visa law firms.

Our individual immigration and visa clients include business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs, as well as entertainers and athletes.

We assist our corporate clients in obtaining appropriate employment-based non-immigrant visas and provide legal advice regarding applications for immigration to the United States based on sponsoring employers or close family members. Clients receive comprehensive legal advice regarding all aspects of immigration law, based on our in-depth knowledge of this complex and specialised area.

In addition, we advise clients with respect to waivers of inadmissibility for non-immigrant and immigrant visas, maintenance of permanent resident status, acquisition and loss of U.S. citizenship and expatriation issues.

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We provide a highly professional, customised service to meet our clients’ immigration needs in an increasingly global and ever-changing business world. Contact us to discuss your needs.